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Is there the opportunity to view a finished marquee before I make my decision?

Yes. The best time to view a finished marquee is during the summer months and almost all customers would be happy for us to show you around. If you contact the office, we would be happy to arrange a viewing.

Can I be confident that Cotswold Marquees will supply a safe structure for my guests?

We realise that the safety of your guests is highly important. Cotswold Marquees will ensure that all equipment is installed safely by fully trained and experienced staff. All structures and fabrics conform to the current BS safety standards.

Does the cost of my marquee include insurance?

The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the marquee once installation is complete until staff members arrive to dismantle. A damage waiver maybe available and can be discussed during the planning of your event.

Will Cotswold Marquees provide well-maintained equipment?

We like to think that this is the area where we truly win over our competitors. With our in-house manufacturing and laundry facilities, we are able to maintain and offer a high quality service all year round.

Will my marquee be warm enough?

Cotswold Marquees specialise in winter work. We install indirect heaters, creating a warm, clean and fume-free environment. We also have the option to include a set of doors for entrances. Every customer is advised on how to operate the heaters and if for any reason a heater develops a fault, there is 24-hour support available.

How do I get power to my marquee?

Power requirements will be discussed during the site visit and we have a fully qualified electrician available to oversee any decisions regarding power supply.

How do I decide on the correct lighting for my event?

At Cotswold Marquees we are able to offer a variety of lighting options to compliment your choice of interior. With a range of indoor and outdoor lighting, we can create the ideal atmosphere for your special event. We also work with a specialist lighting technician if you are looking for something unique.

Can Cotswold Marquees supply furniture for my event?

Cotswold Marquees stock a wide range of furniture and accessories to cover any occasion and should you have a particular style, which is not in stock we can source equipment from trusted suppliers.

Can Cotswold Marquees provide me with advice on all my event planning needs?

Many clients are looking for advice and help, some seek this through the services of event organisers - to their cost. This service is available 'free of charge' from Cotswold Marquees. Over the last 25 years we have accumulated a wealth of contacts and experience in organising events which we are happy to share with you. We have the names of all local suppliers and we can recommend the right one for you as well as give you advice on how to plan your event making sure it is a success. All this help and advice is free of charge!

Will I have a variety of interiors to choose from to personalise my event?

Cotswold Marquees stock an extensive range of linings in different colours and styles. Linings soften the look of the interior of a marquee and with the correct choice of lighting can create a fantastic finish. We also have a large range of different coloured carpets to choose from. Please visit the photo gallery for examples.

Can Cotswold Marquees provide a marquee on a sloping or uneven surface?

Many sites have deceivingly uneven surfaces, but using our modern raised steel flooring Cotswold Marquees are well equipped to provide a level finish on almost any surface. In all instances a site visit will be carried out to discuss your options.

Can I make use of a communal venue or existing building?

We have on many occasions installed linings at village halls, social clubs, barns etc and it is always worth enquiring as you maybe surprised as to what we can provide. In addition to this it can be possible to extend the space of an existing building by attaching a marquee.

How do I decide on the size of the marquee required for my event?

A member of staff will normally carry out a site visit to advise on the size and layout of a marquee to suite the venue. You need to carefully consider how you intend to use the space available, as you are likely to require reception space, furniture and accessories.

I would like a marquee but do not have a venue?

We have installed marquees throughout the Cotswolds and surrounding areas, however we are more than happy to provide our services at any location. We will supply a sample quote, which will include the size of marquee needed for your guests and can be updated when a venue has been confirmed. We have worked at many venues and can suggest any that maybe suitable.

We supply dancefloors!

These are built to size, to suit your requirement. We hire parquet floors, black and white floors, all white floors and plywood floors. Other more specialized floors are available

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